Norooz Celebration and Presentation, 2016

In this event, Norooz (which means a new day in Farsi) was celebrated in UNT at Marquis hall on March, 2016.

A presentation of Iranian new year (Norooz) was showed then a music was performed and then sweets and treats were served with Iranian Chai.

Also a symbolic “Haft-Sin” was designed and showed to visitors.

This Event was organized and supported by:

  • Lilly Ramin
  • Sohrab Mirzaabedini
  • Yunju Langran

Many thanks to Lilly Ramin who took the initiative of planning the event and supporting the event financially and morally all by her own. Also many thanks to Yunju Langran who supported the event, gave us a room in Marquis Hall and provided equipment.

Published by Sohrab Mirzaabedini

IRSA member UNT Material Science