Traveling without a Car in Denton

Moving around in Texas without a car is tough. If you are used to get on subways , trains, buses and many taxis around Tehran and other big cities of Iran you better forget it here. Since comparing to Iran, Car is cheaper in here and most people have cars. However, there are some options to choose and use.

Bicycle: For short distances it’s the best option. There are plenty of used bicycles to buy from craigslist, 5miles app, offer up app, UNT surplus and some bike shops. So don’t waste your money on a new bike. a 90$ new bicycle in walmart can be a total crap. Bicycle is also the best vehicle for moving on campus.

Buses: Buses in Denton are not as many as you might had in Tehran and other cities of Iran. They are sparse. especially if you live off-campus. The buses who run on campus they are free to students. However, for others you have to pay. The lines are organized in a numerical fashion and the company handling it is called DCTA. You can move around denton with those. However, you have to have a greattttttttt patience. sometimes like an hour for a bus.

Taxi Cab: There are some Taxi cabs moving around denton. They have their own cell number and you can either google it or save their number in your phone so you can call and get a ride. it’s not cheap though but it may help you sometimes.

Uber & Lyft: Up to this day 02/02/2017 there are two mobile app taxi networks in Denton and they are Uber and Lyft and they are the best economical solutions to move around Denton easily. However, for long distances you have to pay a lot. You can use those to go shopping, visiting friends, attending events and many other places.

Note: you better check both Uber and Lyft for a better price and availability. pay attention that if you cancel your own ride they still charge you. then better to decide and then click.

DCTA Train to dallas: If you want to go to dallas the first option is to go to “Downtown Denton train Station” on Hickory st. and get a day pass (10$ as of this day) and get on the train. They are fast , frequent and easy to use. First get a ticket from a ticket box or office. Then get on the train and then change your Train on “trinity station” to Shuttle trains which heads to Dallas downtown. In dallas there are more buses than in Denton and you can still use Uber or Lyft.

Greyhound: To travel big distances like going to Austin, Houston, San Antonio or any other places, you can use Greyhound bus Terminal situated at the end of N. Elm St. You can google the location , reserve a ticket and see the prices and schedules online.

zipcar: zipcar is the new app which I got wind of it from UNT’s international office. supposedly with this app you can burrow cars from people and if you sign up as a student there is a 15$ annual membership and the fee is 9$/hr.

Good luck and safe travel.

Published by Sohrab Mirzaabedini

IRSA member UNT Material Science