Medical and Dental Services in UNT

As an international student in UNT you have to have an insurance which is more economical to have it through UNT.

With that insurance you would get certain services for free in UNT health center at Chestnut hall.

These services as far as I am concerned includes regular visits, tests, medicines and regular physicals (overall check up)

If you are an F1 student here and you have a dependent F2 visa, the sad news is that UNT has not though of anything about these situation and you are on your own. You should be so lucky that during your school years your spouse would not get sick or you should be so rich to afford an independent plan for your spouse.

If you or any of your family in UNT confront a dental problem you are in a big trouble. I am not just saying this to scare you away. However, this has happened for me and many other students.

The UNT’s international insurance doesn’t cover any dental program or any help at all in that area.

There is another option for students who are TA or RA or TF here. They can buy another dental plan as of today which is around 20$ per month which promises you to give a dental insurance. However, that also doesn’t give any help at all. Each year they contract with a different company like “Humana”. and they give some fact sheets and FAQs to let you know they cover a lot. However, when you end up in a dental clinic you understand that the insurance doesn’t cover anything major at all. it is important to know that all universities are not like that and UNT’s dental plan is especially lacking.

The third option here is going to TWU dental clinics and be treated by interns. which is your only option here if nothing major happens.

For Major problems and dental issues, you have to have credit cards and lots of money to do an endo or any surgery.

Update: 10/18/2017

For those people who are dependent and need medical attention, There is a service called CVS Minute Clinic, which is said to be affordable. But it’s not that cheap. You can check the service and price list here:

update: 1/31/2018

For those of you who are not insured or has a dependant who is not covered by UNT’s insurance, you can attend the “Primary Care Clinic of North Texas” in Lewisville near flower mound which is affordable. They also conduct medical tests like urine, blood and more.

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Published by Sohrab Mirzaabedini

IRSA member UNT Material Science