Mechanic Shop around Denton and How to fix your car

There are not that many Iranian Mechanic shops around denton. But up to this day there is a professional Mechanic called “Massey’s Auto Sale” who is governed by Mr. Masoud.

You can bring your car to him for annual inspection. pre-sale inspection, regular and heavy fix and regular change of oil and fulters. 

There are also many other American and Mexican Mechanic shops here but you have to compare prices and speak about discounts with them.

For tires you have two good options:

  1. buying new tires with guaranty from tire shops or Walmart in loop 288.
  2. buy used tires from many shops who sell those things if you are on a budget.

For battery you also have two major option:

  1. Either buy a new one with 3 to 5 years of Guaranty from Walmart tire shop on loop 288
  2. ask your mechanics about it.

overall it is always better to fix things yourself if you can and also buy a car which doesn’t need to be fixed first of all.

“this article will be continued”

Published by Sohrab Mirzaabedini

IRSA member UNT Material Science