Iranian Shops Around Denton

This article will be completed later.

There are not that many Iranian Shops in Denton. However, you can go to Big D store in Carroll Street and Also the Mediterranean Grill restaurant called “Green Zatar” to buy stuff. For a real Iranian Store, you have to drive to Dallas to “Shahrzad Store and restaurant”

Also, you can go shopping in Winco food store on University Drive. The prices are comparingly modest and they have :

  • Basmati Rice (closest to Iranian rice with long grains and dry, but of course cannot expect the same taste)
  • Jasmine Rice (it has a smoke flavor)
  • cheap Turmeric (zard choobe)

Some suggestion for food products replacements:

Cheese : 1. Philadelphia cheese (Panir Khameii kam namak) , 2. Queso Fresco (Pani Taze kam namak) 3. Bulgari Cheese, 4. Feta Cheese (the regular)

Bread: 1. Pitta bread (available in all stores: Walmart, Kroger, Aldi, Winco, ..), 2. Sourdough breads in Winco (noon ba khamir torsh bedoone jooshe shirin).
For Sangak and other bread you should drive to Dallas to Shahrzad food store.


Tell us if you have more suggestions

Published by Sohrab Mirzaabedini

IRSA member UNT Material Science